#5 – “The Scientific Method”

During “The Scientific Method, ” the 5th song in the show, Kelly and Rikki are breaking into the basement of the school to investigate what might be wrong with the air conditioning.

Recording by very talented Wright State University students on some very faulty microphones. Forgive the recording quality, please.

#18 – “Come Back to Bite Ya”

In this song, Hannah gloats about her victory over the humans before finishing them off for good. Although it doesn’t quite work out that way…

Partial vocal recording performed by Wright State University students. The final section is instrumental, vocals to follow.

Stunt Singers

I (Rob) recently had a production of one of my other shows, Vanishing Point, at Wright State University, in Dayton, Ohio. The students there were kind enough to sing “Higher”, our opening number, for me, which I recorded as sort of a quick-and-dirty demo. Usually Katie and I sing our …

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