Video: “Turn The Page”

Okay, gang, here’s the deal. As you may be aware, in the development process for almost every show, cuts and changes happen. This show is no exception. Act I is running quite long (it should be about an hour, and it was 1:25 today), and while a LOT of that time can be made up by picking up the pace, some of that is simply that there’s too much material.

(Incidentally, if you wish to keep us from feeling like we should cut even MORE material for length, you should try very hard to keep it short in other ways. Like by picking up the pace.)

But, that semi-idle threat aside, I’ve spoken to Rob and your teachers, and here’s a cut we will be making. We’re cutting None of the Above, and the scene in Marsh’s class. We’re going to tweak the hallway scene a little bit to compensate for the cut, but I think we won’t miss it once it’s gone. We’ll have a revised scene for you by tomorrow morning.

So, shed a single tear for None of the Above, while it wends its way off to Cut Song Heaven, and then go back to work on memorizing your lines. So you can say them faster.

You guys are doing great work.

#19 – “Turn the Page” from the LCHS World Premiere Production of KELLY featuring Anna Maguire, Brie Cole & company.

#19 – “Turn the Page”

In this song, Hannah gloats about her victory over the humans before finishing them off for good. Although itdoesn’t quite work out that way…

Partial vocal recording performed by Wright State University students. The final section is instrumental, vocals to follow.
In the closing number of the show, after Hannah is vanquished, the students figure out how to pick up the pieces and move on.

Recording performed by Rob Hartmann.

Adult Interaction?

Q: I was wondering if the adults are ever meant to interact, like if Mungus and Hawkins reconcile with Marsh, or if they even have underlying relationships…? Open to interpretation? KATIE: Open to interpretation. Personally I favor the comics a la Anna relationship between Marsh and Hawkins. ROB: Sort of the “unspoken …

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Where did Whip go?

Q: I don’t know if this is a suggestion so much as a character question. At the beginning of the show, Rikki calls Whip her best friend, but once she falls to the cobras Rikki’s like “eh” and never mentions her again. Are they just like study buddies at the …

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