So as we announced the other night, we had to cut None of the Above, both because Act 1 was running long and because it just wasn’t earning its place in the show. There was a lot of distress from the students who love it and want it reinstated, so Rob and I recorded a conversation discussing why None of the Above is gone for good.


Q: Now, I just don’t understand who Savannah is and her relationship with Kelly. Given the new draft, it seems more like Savannah is another cobra versus a “masterpiece” of Hannah’s or “Kelly’s arch-enemy,” which is fine, but I guess I don’t know how to establish that air of leadership …

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Where did Whip go?

Q: I don’t know if this is a suggestion so much as a character question. At the beginning of the show, Rikki calls Whip her best friend, but once she falls to the cobras Rikki’s like “eh” and never mentions her again. Are they just like study buddies at the …

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Scariness Plateau and Creepier Music?

Q: Here is something several of us noticed about Act 2: The cobras almost seem to plateau on their level of scariness. We know they aren’t supposed to be angry or straight-up evil all the time or anything, but there are definite times when they’re deliberately malicious, like the scene …

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Feedback Received

Hey gang, thanks so much for the feedback we’ve gotten so far. It has been very useful and pushed us in some awesome directions. We’re changing the way that the de-cobra-fication happens at the end to something entirely new (the stomp number is gone, I’m sorry, life is pain) and …

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