#11 – “Fall in Line” (Reprise)

In “So Darn Cute, ” the 8th song in the show, Mouse and The Mammals rehearse a song about otters for the River Otter Awareness Dance.

Recording performed by Katie Kring on a somewhat muffled microphone.
When Addie does not show up to the dance as planned, Mouse sings “My Otter” about otters and friendship.

Recording performed by Katie Kring on a very muffled microphone.
When the Cobras show up to trash the dance, they sing a terrifying reprise of “Fall in Line.”

Recording instrumental only. Vocals to be added soon!

#17 – “Kelly The Destroyer” (Reprise)

In this song, Hawkins tells the few remaining humans a legend about a girl who happens upon a village overrun with snakes, and is begged by the villagers to save them. The parts of the villagers are sung by their cobrafied friends.

Recording performed by Amy Burgess. Version with Hawkins’ narration to follow.
In this song, Kelly looks at a comic book about her, drawn by Rikki, and we see Rikki narrate the origins of the great hero, Kelly the Destroyer.

Instrumental demo only, vocal version coming soon!