#16 – “The Legend”

In this song, Hawkins tells the few remaining humans a legend about a girl who happens upon a village overrun with snakes, and is begged by the villagers to save them. The parts of the villagers are sung by their cobrafied friends.

Recording performed by Amy Burgess. Version with Hawkins’ narration to follow.

Why is Hawkins in the basement?

Q: Why is Hawkins in the basement? Maybe he is getting nostalgic? [“What are you doing here?” “Taking one last walk etc.”] KATIE: Is Hawkins in the basement? I’ve always thought that scene happened outside on the curb or something, but you’d be shocked as how often I’m wrong about …

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Adult Interaction?

Q: I was wondering if the adults are ever meant to interact, like if Mungus and Hawkins reconcile with Marsh, or if they even have underlying relationships…? Open to interpretation? KATIE: Open to interpretation. Personally I favor the comics a la Anna relationship between Marsh and Hawkins. ROB: Sort of the “unspoken …

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Scariness Plateau and Creepier Music?

Q: Here is something several of us noticed about Act 2: The cobras almost seem to plateau on their level of scariness. We know they aren’t supposed to be angry or straight-up evil all the time or anything, but there are definite times when they’re deliberately malicious, like the scene …

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