On Bookwriting

These demo recordings reflect the work-in-progress nature of the show. Some are performed by Rob and Katie and their friend Amy, others by Wright State University students, and a few have yet to have performers at all. We’ll update the recordings to the newest and best versions as we have them, so check back.
In a musical, the script is generally referred to as the “book”. However, bookwriting encompasses much more than just writing dialogue. Bookwriting, at the heart, is about structure, form, theme, character development, story arc, and all of the other things that underly both the dialogue and the songs.

Romance, Character Development, and More

[THIS IS LONG. I WROTE A NOVEL. SORRY….] Regarding love/crushes/friendships and so on in the show. Going off of what Katie said regarding why we didn’t write overt romantic plots — I want to reinforce the idea that it’s absolutely possible that you & your director build in something which …

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Where did Whip go?

Q: I don’t know if this is a suggestion so much as a character question. At the beginning of the show, Rikki calls Whip her best friend, but once she falls to the cobras Rikki’s like “eh” and never mentions her again. Are they just like study buddies at the …

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