So as we announced the other night, we had to cut None of the Above, both because Act 1 was running long and because it just wasn’t earning its place in the show. There was a lot of distress from the students who love it and want it reinstated, so Rob and I recorded a conversation discussing why None of the Above is gone for good.

Why not turn Mungus?

Q: Why doesn’t Hannah turn Mungus into a cobra? Why does she hypnotize her instead of just converting her? What’s the difference between the 2 things? KATIE: You know, I was waiting for that question. So, I’ve got a number of answers, none of which are THE answer. Rob might have …

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Sense of self?

Q: Okay I thought of one last question, when you are a cobra, do you still have a sense of who your human self is? Or is your human self trying to get out of the cobrafied body? Because at the end Savannah knows who Kelly is? ROB: Here’s my thought about …

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Physical Transformation?

Q: Is there a physical reaction when somebody goes from cobra back to human? How do we make the switch big enough for the audience to immediately grasp that they changed since it happens so fast (like Kelly grabs Rikki’s hand and BOOM she’s back to normal)? KATIE: Absolutely there …

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  KATIE: I think what we’d had in mind is that, like, the human dots were green laser pointers and the cobras were red laser pointers, and we track them all through the maze, so if that’s what you’re thinking here, yes. I’m not sure if that’s possible (and I’m …

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Little Johnny didn’t pay attention in science class

Q: (This isn’t a question, it’s more like an idea of an unscripted thing I just want to say.) I really want Johnny to be vigorously shaking the goldfish while he’s singing before he finds out it’s dead, like Darla in Finding Nemo. KATIE: That made me laugh really hard, and …

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Touch a cobra?

Q: How do the cobras grab the humans without touching them? KATIE: Like in “Mouse in a Maze”? Get creative! Also, as we said, it’s not just casual touch that does it, it’s deliberate, rescuing touch. That said. For a while, I was a music and engineering major in college. …

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