Cuts in “Help Me Help You”

Here’s another cut — we were on the lookout for repeated beats / repeated actions, and realized that in “Help Me Help You” Hannah tries to convince Mungus twice. So we’re making that just once (when she hypnotizes Mungus). The cut in the sheet music would essentially be cutting measure 91 through 150. IE we’re cutting the “this place has been run into the ground” section. It’s as though the second verse of the song ends with: MUNGUS I need a guide who can turn the tide HANNAH Help me help you help me help you. MUNGUS But I’m panicking, panicking I tell you (etc.) HANNAH Here’s what I advise (etc…)

I will have the track for that soon but just know that that cut will happen. Ultimately the song will be punchier and funnier — Hannah is just cutting to the chase and hypnotizing Mungus rather than going half-way and trying to talk Mungus into it first.

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