Why not turn Mungus?

Q: Why doesn’t Hannah turn Mungus into a cobra? Why does she hypnotize her instead of just converting her? What’s the difference between the 2 things?

KATIE: You know, I was waiting for that question.

So, I’ve got a number of answers, none of which are THE answer. Rob might have THE answer, but I don’t.

  1. Mungus can be hypnotized, but because she’s somehow Of The Mongoose, she simply cannot be cobrafied. Like, mongooses can be bitten by cobras, but the neurotoxins just don’t take. And really, she’s more being confused and manipulated verbally, and because she’s a panicky mess, than through snake juju.
  2. We wanted her to save the day at the end, so Because We Say So.
  3. Hannah is not really interested in cobrafying Mungus. I think she has certain standards for who she’s willing to rescue from the indignities of mammaldom, and panicky, needy, flaky Mungus is probably on the To Be Eaten list when the revolution comes.
  4. Hannah doesn’t need to. She’s getting her way, so for whatever reason, it’s easier to have a compliant human patsy as figurehead

I realize those are somewhat contradictory of each other, but those are my theories. I’m sure Rob has something more coherent to offer. Maybe.

ROB: I was waiting for that question too … very observant. I think it’s a combo of mostly 1 and some of 3. I think Hannah can hypnotize people without fully cobra-fying them, if it’s a short-term thing. And really, she doesn’t want Mungus all up in her nest. But I think Mungus is somewhat immune to the effects … like, a case could be made that Hannah *thinks* it has taken — after all, they do finish out the number together — but it doesn’t fully take. (Because we should think that Mungus is now One of Them.) I theeeeenk that will work … let’s see ….

The more I think about it … I think it’s that Mungus only goes under slightly … her natural mongoose immunity allows her to shake it off later (which we don’t see …. so that we think she’s been turned.) Hannah might be slightly irritated that it takes so long to put Mungus under … the whole “I don’t know… ” “You DO know” bit … like, hoo boy, this one is more work than she’s worth … So Hannah probably doesn’t deal with her after that, because she assumes she’s cobra now. Let’s see how that plays..


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