Why High Schoolers?

Q: Okay here’s another question. Why does Hannah go for high schoolers to build her evil snake army instead of something like the government or the actual army?

Also, this show would be so much scarier if Hannah went for little kids. Like a parent walks into the preschool class and they’re all hanging out AND TALKING IN UNISON NOPE NOPE NOPE

Katie: Children are the future. Also, high school is when stress really starts to enter the equation and makes the students vulnerable. I think Hannah would need a different pitch for younger kids, because little kids don’t really have a grasp in the future or believe in excellence.

Also, I think high schoolers are a soft target, as it were. Somebody would probably notice infiltration of more important institutions…

Rob: Excellent high school students often score excellent internships at places like, oh I don’t know, the State Department. I could also see a case being made that there were other surviving cobras who have other targets, and Hannah was assigned the Upcoming Generation. Also: plenty of conspiracy theory websites and YouTube videos will tell you that the government is already run by reptilians.

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