Who do you want Kick to be?

Q: What kind of character do you want out of Kick? More funny? Or more dumb? Or both? An idea of what you were looking for would be great.

KATIE: I want you to surprise me. I want you to figure out who he is, and tell the truth about that person. I want him to be interesting. And that will probably be funny, and he says some dumb things, so that will be in there, but more than anything, I want him to be alive.

ROB: I’ll tell you what I like about Kick is that he’s got enthusiasm. Whatever’s happening, he’s into it. He’s sort of a distillation of a lot of musicians / drummers that I was at school with. They’d always be drumming on something. They were friends with just about anybody. And all the drumming maybe did something to their brains …

I had a friend like Kick who… I wouldn’t describe him as dumb. I always said he was “full of wonder.” 🙂

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