What’s The Timeframe?

After receiving the final (for this production) draft of the script, the LCHS students had a few more questions. We answered them as best we could on Facebook.

Q: So what exactly is the time frame of the show? Like is it in High School Musical where in two hours they just started the year and by the end they are graduating? Or is it like within a week, and everybody’s just like “Remember that week in April where everyone was like a snake person, yeah me too…

Katie Says: There’s a timeline at the front of your script. The last line of the show [where Vi has slithered off to recruit elsewhere] is Later and Elsewhere though.  Also, it doesn’t specify in the script, but in my mind, it takes place in mid September. Early in the school year, but a couple weeks in so that Kelly is definitely coming in late. And warm enough that the AC is an issue.

The timeline is:

The show begins early on a Saturday morning, when the students have come to school for mandatory test review.



“Fall In Line”


Monday at school

Hawkins’ class

“Help Me Help You”


Wednesday after school

Kelly talks to Shinn


Wednesday night

Kelly and Rikki break into the school. “Scientific Method”


Thursday morning

Marsh’s class. “None of the Above”

“Tough Love”

“Not the End of the World”


Friday afternoon into evening

The dance

“So Darn Cute” “My Otter” “Fall In Line, Reprise”

“Fight Or Flight”


Late Friday night to daybreak Saturday morning

All of Act Two

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