Touch a cobra?

Q: How do the cobras grab the humans without touching them?

KATIE: Like in “Mouse in a Maze”? Get creative! Also, as we said, it’s not just casual touch that does it, it’s deliberate, rescuing touch.

That said. For a while, I was a music and engineering major in college. Here’s what I know about musical theatre freshmen – they are like a box of puppies. They are all always on touching, holding hands, sitting on each others’ laps, braiding hair, etc. The engineers, on the other hand, require a inviolable personal bubble. They seemed uncomfortable shaking hands, massaging each other would have been out of the question. Two MTs who loathed each other were still far more physically affectionate than engineers who were dating. Which is to say, the cobras are like the engineers. They are not a touchy-feely group.

ROB: Yes … I think this is not a hard-and-fast rule like, they never ever touch — it’s just as Katie said, they aren’t physically open. I mean, a snake pit full of snakes will be crawling over one another because of space limitations, but you don’t get the sense that they are cuddling for comfort the way puppies or kittens will. If a cobra needed to grab you in order to do something (like Hannah having to get Mungus’s attention), they would… they just avoid casual touch. And the “rescuing touch” is like having to pull someone up out of quicksand — I think there’s physical and emotional effort behind it — not just a magic “kabing.” It’s like waking someone up out of a deep sleep, almost…

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