The Power in the Process

Poster thing for Kelly the Destroyer

This took me 7 hours to make

This year, we and our students have had opportunities to experience the power of creativity, the power of design, the power of technology, the power of connections, friendships, collaboration and more.  The process of bringing a new work to life – from page to stage – has been filled with periods of stress and anxiety and contrasted with moments of discovery, pride and memories that will last a lifetime.  Working together to bring an ambitious season to life, I can’t say I regret the genesis of this process almost one year ago.

I can say, however, that at this point, I have more of a feeling of power-less-ness.  Almost one year ago, we embarked on a production season filled with unknowns confident that the KNOWN factors would benefit our students and our community.  Today, just four short weeks away from a world premiere musical, I feel somewhat power-less in the process.  My role as Production Coordinator can only go so far to get people to see this clever and provocative new work.  I have limited time and resources to reach out to local media outlets to get them to promote such a unique piece of theatre happening right here in our community.  I have to hope that the message hidden within this musical touches people the way it has touched all of us.

I am left to anticipate the possibilities for Kelly the Destroyer vs. the Springfield Cobras until an audience sees this amazing production directed and choreographed by Greg Pschirrer with the Lewis & Clark High School Musical Theatre Class.  Rob Hartmann and Katie Kring are keenly aware of what every high school Theatre Department wants:  an accessible, modern musical with the opportunity for color-blind, gender neutral casting that can feature a lot of students and give each an opportunity for a moment to shine!  Kelly accomplishes this and more.  Our students have invested their time and talent in the hopes that other students around the country could experience a show with a range of performance and technical possibilities.  I am power-less to communicate the fullness of what this process has been like for all of us and more power-less to know the outcome in advance.  That said, where I am in the process today, I wouldn’t change for anything.


First Read Through

First Read Through


Proud Production Coordinator and part time Director with Lewis & Clark High School's Tiger Drama Department.

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