The final battle?

Q: Does the fight between Mungus and Hannah happen onstage or is it just projections? Because I have hella ideas for that puppet and I’m excited.

A: Honestly, this still needs to be negotiated based on the reality of What Is Possible. I think the current idea is that we somehow see Hannah transform and loom over the humans, Kelly has her line about no plans involving giant snakes, Mungus bounces in, and then we cut to Rikki’s future drawings of how it went down, accompanied by Hannah/Mungus voices and gasps from the crowd, etc., so that the giant cobra has to only do one thing (be a human-sized hood on Sarah) and the actual fight happens in the drawings. That’s our middle-of-the-road technical solution. But again, everything depends on what’s possible.

We’re all about tailoring something to whatever can be imagined & executed… I could see future productions all solving it in a different way — shadows, projections, puppetry, etc …

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