Thai or Indian?

Q: Do you guys like Thai or Indian food better?

KATIE: I can speak only for myself here, but I like Thai food, and LOVE Indian food.

Science, people!


ROB: For me, Thai all the way. Part of the reason is that when I went to grad school, the building was right by the rows of Indian restaurants on E. 6th Street in NYC, and they had $3 buffet lunch. So being a poor student, I ate Indian food for lunch every day for two years. And then after that I was like, Welp. Think I’m done. So I enjoy when I have it, but I never have cravings for it. Thai food on the other hand — tom kha gai soup I LOVE. And I get pad thai cravings on a regular basis…

KATIE: My staff can pretty well predict when I’ll be ordering Indian take out based on how rough a day I’ve had.

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