Snakes like Ice Cream?

Q: I am wondering if the cobras are supposed to be one unified group with no differences or distinctions, or if there are different types of cobras.

KATIE: I think cobras are like ice cream. (“Snakes like ice cream?”) I think that they do come in different flavors, but also, ice cream is ice cream. Which is to say, they have slightly different flavors and functions (Whip, for example, is the Hench-Snake, Vi is the leader in training, Coral is the “come on in, the water’s fine” snake, Savannah is the enforcer, etc.) but they’re all more alike than their different. Or, for a different metaphor, they’re like, well, snakes. You can tell me that this one’s a good snake, and this one eats the mice in my shed and this one eats the rattlers in my woodpile and that they all have a role, but at the end of the day, they’re all SNAKES.

ROB: To expand on that a bit — people retain an essence of who they are, but anything non-essential is burned away. So it’s not like an army of zombies or robots who are mindless — it’s like your personality is sharpened to a razor’s edge — heightened and focused.


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