Sense of self?

Q: Okay I thought of one last question, when you are a cobra, do you still have a sense of who your human self is? Or is your human self trying to get out of the cobrafied body? Because at the end Savannah knows who Kelly is?

ROB: Here’s my thought about it — Katie may expand on this. Have you ever been sick with the flu to the point where you’re a little delirious — just not in your right mind? (I got laid low with the flu over the winter break, fun.) And you know you feel different but you don’t really realize how “out of it” you were, until you’re healthy again. I think when you’re a cobra, you don’t lose your memory — and when you are de-cobrafied, you remember everything that happened — maybe you remember it in the way you remember a dream.

But it’s sort of the reverse, because instead of feeling bad like the flu (but with an altered mental state) you feel amazing.

It’s a bit like the Bradley Cooper movie LIMITLESS and the Scarlett Johansson movie LUCY (neither one of them great movies, but both about enhanced states of being.) When you’re cobrafied, you’re amplified: focused, driven, amped up. All the “loose threads” have been snipped away — no indecision, no daydreaming, no mood swings, no empathy, no thoughts other than “what are my tasks and how can I most efficiently accomplish them.” Senses are heightened.

KATIE: I agree with Rob, plus I have my own metaphor:

Now, I hope none of you have had, or will have one of these, but every so often, you have a relationship with someone who you really think is AMAZING and you’re just so into them and you love them so muc
h and then you wake up one day and realize: this is a TERRIBLE PERSON. Like, not just a bad partner, but someone you can’t imagine being friends with, let alone being in love with. Because they are just the WORST. This is not news to your friends. But it’s news to you. You remember how you felt, your were there, and yet, it’s hard to imagine how you ever felt that way, because that sort of love is a mind altering drug, basically, and leads to you being you, but not you. Clearly, there’s no romance in cobra town, but just another way of thinking about that sort of altered mental state.

ANNA (student): (being a cobra is like being on drugs like it’s you but its also not is that it?)

ROB: Yep.

SUZANNE (teacher): Let’s be clear – no method acting here. No drugs or loving bad people. Period.

KATIE: Or flu. No flu.


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