Is the music final?

Q: Is the music final? It’s all great and I’d like to start learning it, but will it become more challenging/have anything added?

KATIE:¬†Pretty much. It will not get more challenging – if anything changes, it might be simplifying parts if need be. But let’s not need be. Rob’s going to, over the next week, make parts tapes of every note in the show so you can have those to work with. In making those, he sometimes finds a note or two of weird voice-leading in a given part, and so there might be a few very minor changes to correct those kinds of issues, but generally speaking, you’re good to learn it!

ROB:¬†Yes, parts tapes will be forthcoming. I’m doing “Turn the Page” first — I found some funky voiceleading when I went back through that, so I streamlined it a little bit. What will be handy for me to know / figure out is, who tends to sing what voice part.

Also: as you’re going along, I definitely want to know if you encounter something that seems too high / too low / seems funky in some way (like if some harmony is just tough for some reason.) The ideal situation is that the music is comfortable to sing.

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