Is Darzee suspicious of Kelly?

Q: Before Career Directions class, is Darzee supposed to be suspicious of Kelly or not like her? Is Darzee the type of girl who didn’t have many friends and instead relied on animals?

KATIE: Suspicious, for sure. Her friend Rikki, who is a Nice, Trusting Person, who is maybe a little Too Nice And Trusting has fallen in with someone who is leading her astray! Darzee wishes to protect all living creatures, and Rikki is a part of that mission.

That backstory is up to you. That sounds like a great one.

P.S. Rob can tell you, I laughed hysterically for probably 5 solid minutes when he first said, “Oh, Weasels.” Hilarious. Also, have you seen the weasel riding the woodpecker!?

SUZANNE (teacher): I thought weasels were much bigger.

TAILER (student): Yes!!!!!! I have seen that and I died.

KATIE: Also, there is one kind of weasel called the “Least Weasel.” In grad school, we had to do these 10 minute animal fable musicals at the end of our first semester, and I remember one of our professors, Sybille, going through a book of animals and getting very indignant on the behalf of the Lesser Flamingo for the implied judgement. I always think of that when I see those sorts of animal names.


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