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KATIE: I think what we’d had in mind is that, like, the human dots were green laser pointers and the cobras were red laser pointers, and we track them all through the maze, so if that’s what you’re thinking here, yes. I’m not sure if that’s possible (and I’m unclear if you want a moving “snake” or dots for the cobras), but clearly, we’re thinking pretty close to the same thing. The general idea holds. And of course, whatever your technical and budget constraints are win in the end.

KEZIA (student): I was thinking moving snake, like in the game you’d play on your phone but, yeah.

KATIE: Dude, that would be CREEPY. (Fun fact, there is video on the youtubes of me being chased up a tree by a wiggly green line projection. True story
Q: As far as character relationships are concerned, within the Cobras, I am curious what you guys are wanting specifically. I am wondering if you would want there to be friendly/casual relations, somewhat, or a complete professional collaboration style. I am wondering if there should be any bro-mance between Boom and Copper or if there should be a dominant male rivalry sort of dynamic.

A: Cobras are never really casual. If they are anything like casual, they are purposefully, intensely casual in the service of a goal, like trying not to be conspicuously snakelike. (They are occasionally cold and sleepy though.) As for the relationship between Boom and Copper, I think it’s pretty professional. I think of their relationship like secret service agents – we’re not doing this because we like each other, but because we’re both in service of a common goal. That said, maybe there’s some rivalry between them, but that’s subordinated to the need to conquer the humans. After the snakes take over the world, then they can sort out their own pecking order. . And then, when Boom and Copper are de-cobrafied, then they’re back to being best friends, or something. That’s a backstory for them I just made up, feel free to use it or something else.

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