Changing the Mascot?

Q: We were wondering how the humans are supposed to feel during fall in line. Like I’m confused if Mungus is totally stoked for the change or if she’s like, ” yo hannah, you changed the mascot bruh, not cool dawg.” Clarification?

Katie: I think Mungus is not cool with it, but is also sorta swept up in the flow. Also, you guys may be too young to have been in this sort of position, but there are a lot of times in adult life when you’re with a colleague, collaborator, partner, spouse, whatever, and you have to present a unified front in public, but you’re going to kill them in private at the first opportunity.

Mungus is a professional. She’s not going to strangle Hannah in front of the children. In the first act.

As for the other humans, I think they feel about this conga line like all humans feel about all conga lines. “This is stupid, but it’s happening, and I can’t believe I’m participating, because it’s stupid, but really, everyone else is doing it, and what else am I going to do at this wedding?”

Kelly, on the other hand, is not going to dance unless she darn well wants to.

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