Kelly the Too Nice?

Q: Why is it that Kelly is made out to be hard to get along with (as shown in “Kelly the destroyer” and those scenes) since she is a destroyer of the bs of school and portrayed as speaking up always, that she immediately gets along with the humans at Cotesville? It seems like they should be like “shh leave our situation alone, we have a status quo leave it as it is” and “you’re such a know it all why don’t you go back to where you came from” etc at first, and then they gain her trust. I’m also still a little unclear about Kelly’s relationship with characters like Woodchuck and Rikki. How good of friends do they become and when are the defining moments of their relationships? I know I will need to define some of those myself, but I wasn’t sure if you and Rob already have ideas for those moments.

KATIE: I think they’re too wrapped up in their own stresses to really confront her about it, and in this particular case, the fights she’s picking are the ones they’d want to pick if it wouldn’t mean Certain Doom. I think Rikki tends to acquire strays, but also genuinely likes Kelly. It was important to me that Rikki has the line “I like you” during the basement scene. It comes right after KtD, and I figure it’s probably the first time anyone has ever said that to Kelly. Add that to the harrowing adventure and I think Kelly and Rikki are pretty much best friends from there on out. As for everyone else/Kelly, that’s your problem.

Also, Kelly is going to resolve to do a little better with people at this school. “No more Kelly the Destroyer. Been there, done that.” Shinn: “got the t-shirt.” “Shut up.” That sort of thing. Which is why she stops herself from pointing out the general pointlessness of an otter dance.

[Edit: We further address these concerns with book draft 5.]

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