Hannah does the Conga?

Q: Alright, I’m not sure if this has been touched on yet or not, but I’m a little confused on how Fall In Line fits in with my character (Hannah). I’ve been thinking of Hannah as more creepy and strict, and I’m having a hard time seeing why she would start doing a conga… If you could clarify this that would be great! Thanks

A:¬†Before I give you the answer to that, if you set aside the notions of “strict and creepy”, and look at Fall in Line as gospel truth about Hannah’s character, can you come up with a way to think about her that makes sense of what she’s doing there?

(By gospel truth, I mean: Hannah is acting very much in accord with her character in Fall in Line. That does not mean that she is necessarily telling the truth.) So it may be necessary to question the assumptions you have to figure out what she is doing. What do you think she’s trying to do in that song?

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