Feedback Received

Hey gang, thanks so much for the feedback we’ve gotten so far. It has been very useful and pushed us in some awesome directions. We’re changing the way that the de-cobra-fication happens at the end to something entirely new (the stomp number is gone, I’m sorry, life is pain) and it made both of us a little weepy talking about it, so I think we’re on the right track here. And it will also clear up issues like the disappearance of Whip, and how various other relationships are dealt with at the end of the show. More on that later, that’s just a teaser of the rewrite to come. Which is to say – if you have comments, we need them Very Soon/Right Now so that we can deal with them and possibly get them incorporated and back to you. So speak now or forever hold your peace!

Also, however awesome you’re imagining the flashback/hoedown to be, it’s going to be at least 50% more awesome than that.

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