Adult Interaction?

Q: I was wondering if the adults are ever meant to interact, like if Mungus and Hawkins reconcile with Marsh, or if they even have underlying relationships…? Open to interpretation?

KATIE: Open to interpretation. Personally I favor the comics a la Anna relationship between Marsh and Hawkins.

ROB: Sort of the “unspoken action” of “Turn The Page” is everyone reconciling with whoever they need to … otherwise there’s nothing really to do except stand there and sing and if we do that then the action stops. So it’s not a hugging song … but it is a song that says, okay, bad stuff happened between us but now we’re moving forward and our bond is strengthened. So it’s still a lot of individuals/pairs connecting and communicating using this song… ie interpret it as a duet for you and someone…

The adults have been sort of purposely (by Hannah) kept apart so that they never have an opportunity to put their heads together and figure out what’s going on. Divide and conquer. They’re isolated and marooned and lacking support as much as the students are … so it will be interesting to see Mungus, Hawkins & Marsh reconnect during “Turn the Page”.

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